Today we can look up directions with the click of a button, answer any question just by asking a smart device, and even see who’s at the door on our phones.

Access Control system

It’s no surprise that our standard for most commercial environments is to have an electronic key card to access secured areas and monitor the frequency of entry and exit at every door on the premises.

Installing a commercial access control system can allow a business to mitigate risks, from misplaced keys to doors accidentally being left unsecured. With a controlled system you can activate and deactivate cards or fobs at will, customize access of entry points per employee, and track entry and exit throughout a building.

Implementing a key card access control system can be a game changer for many businesses that need additional security and monitoring, like senior living facilities or multiple-building campuses. It can seem daunting to implement an access control system with hundreds of entry points and various types of doors. Especially while your facilities are in use by staff and guests.

At CPT Network Solutions, our expert technical project management team has a proven track record for successfully completing access control projects. Our tested process can provide you with the secured environment to protect your business.

Implementing access control

Before we start any project, our technical team will meet with facility management to get a clear understanding of the need for upgraded security and to document the various user roles, as well as what they should be able access. Our techs complete a survey of the facility and build out the scope of work for our client’s recommendation. This includes knowing what systems should be put in to achieve your goals without going over your budget.

CPT is accustomed to working in active facilities with ongoing operations and ensuring minimal disruption to even the most sensitive environments. Our hands-on approach throughout the project and extra care with scheduling tasks minimizes any disruption to daily activities.

After we complete a post-project survey to assure quality controls, the installation is complete. Our technical project managers will remain in contact with the client to provide support, assist with last minute changes, answer any questions, and perform updates on the system as needed. We understand new technology has it challenges, so we do our best to ensure a smooth transition so you can focus on your customers.

Where access control helps

The ability to control fobs in real time, set timers on door locks, and monitor access for every individual and every room makes it easier for management. In terms of senior living facilities, controlled access can be especially helpful. Not only are residents protected from unauthorized visitors, managers are able to control exit points in memory care units. Everyone in the building is accounted for and approved, securing the safety of residents and employees.

In offices or a campus, facility managers can keep track of their employees’ movements and thus timestamp their activities as they progress through campus. Timing these activities can provide metrics or attendance records to make managers more effective.

Security matters today, and implementing the security your business needs doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking.

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