Field Tech

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Required Documents

• Insurance Certificates (see below)
• Your company is required to provide a current signed W9

Insurance Coverage (as required by state)

• General Liability: $1,000,000
• Workers Compensation (if applicable): $500,000
Current insurance certificates are required to maintain active status in our network for work in your region. Request your insurance provider to list CPT Network Solutions, Inc. as a certificate holder (we do not need to be listed as additionally insured).

General Requirements

  1. Your assigned on-site field tech is responsible to confirm the on-site check-in and out times before leaving the job site.
  2. Your company is required to send a copy of the signed and completed work order, the invoice, and any required deliverable(s) (such as digital pictures, survey, or price quote) to the CPT Networks accounting team via e-mail or fax, as detailed on the work order within 24 hours of job completion.
  3. Your invoice/bill will not begin aging with CPT Networks until the assigned service call or project scope of work is completed, deliverables submitted, any required materials returned, and signed work order(s) provided.
  4. Your office/staff are required to comply with all local codes, licensing and permitting required to lawfully perform a job request.

Code of Conduct

  1. All assigned field tech staff should follow CPT Network Solutions general business principles, which must be followed witout exception. This includes professional and ethical behavior, respect of the CPT Network’s customer’s staff, workers, and personnel.
  2. All field tech staff should conduct themselves in a professional manner and avoid use of words that could be considered discriminatory, improper, or hostile.
  3. All field tech staff should dress in client appropriate attire; clothing that is neat, clean, and tidy; button-up or polo with clean/un-ripped pants or docker-style shorts are preferred.
  4. All field tech staff should adhere to and use proper safety measures while on a customer site or customer property.