CHICAGO (Jan. 14, 2021)—COVID-19 immediately shined a light on how quickly the communications industry is changing. In a matter of days, companies had to pivot to remote work, and cloud communications became a necessity.

Now, CPT Network Solutions is offering its customers a flexible, affordable way to take advantage of the latest in telecommunications technology—CPT Voice. With CPT Voice, CPT Network Solutions combines a VoIP solution with its SIP service, giving customers a superior and cost-effective phone service.

“CPT Voice is the future,” said Tom Chesna, CEO of CPT Network Solutions. “We always aim to deliver unbeatable service, cost savings and the latest technology for our customers. CPT Voice does all that and more, and we’re thrilled to add it to our arsenal of services.”

CPT Voice replaces soon-to-be-obsolete POTS lines and traditional phone systems, working via the internet to allow for voice calls, video conferencing, text-enabling business phone numbers,

instant messaging and more. The system provides flexibility and efficiencies for customers, as well as cost savings of up to 40 percent because there are no traditional carriers and less infrastructure.

Because it is from CPT Network Solutions, CPT Voice also provides high-touch, responsive service as opposed to that offered by large, impersonal carriers.

The future-proof system allows customers to incorporate features such as auto attendants, text-enabling business phone numbers, video conferencing, voicemail and fax to email, remote call pickup, call center capabilities and more, all with the security of zero downtime thanks to the cloud environment. These services can be deployed rapidly nationwide.

CPT Voice is well suited for businesses with a regional to national footprints including national retailers, restaurant chains, financial institutions, healthcare and senior living organizations.

To learn more about CPT Voice or get a customized CPT Voice plan, call 630-735-7000. For more information about CPT Network Solutions, visit

About CPT Network Solutions

CPT Network Solutions is a technical project management company specializing in providing for the IT needs of national retail, hospitality, healthcare and financial clients. CPT provides support for point of sale systems, wireless services, voice, data and video, electrical services, low voltage services, technology deployments and maintenance services. The company, based in Chicago, has been named to the Inc. 5000 list twice and made the Crain’s Chicago Business Fast Fifty list in 2014. For more information about CPT Network Solutions, call 630-735-7000 or visit