Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Your phone system, the cables that connect your printers or the way you page employees and guests: These things are essential to your business. CPT understands these systems and can handle all your maintenance and support needs to minimize potential downtime.

  • Legacy Telephony

    CPT technicians have experience in a variety of voice and data systems. We understand how essential these tools are to your business and we know how to keep them in working order.

  • Move, Add & Change

    As your on-site needs evolve, our technicians help you to adapt; moving, adding or changing hardware components without causing interruptions to your business.

  • Cabling

    Cabling is critical; it makes it possible for all your network components to function. From selecting the right type of cable to labeling and documenting, CPT follows industry best practices for designing and installing structured cabling, helping your organization achieve peak performance and minimizing downtime.

  • Paging

    CPT ensures your paging system is working perfectly, allowing you to reach guests or staff members and keeping operations running smoothly.

  • POS

    Your point of sale system is how you and your customers do business. CPT is well versed in all types of POS systems. We stay up-to-date as POS systems evolve, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring you stay on the cutting edge with technology that works.

  • Site Surveys

    CPT team members’ extensive technical experience enables us to identify what works and where the pitfalls are. We evaluate each location to pinpoint the unique challenges, ensuring we deploy the right technology and make the best choices to support you now, and in the future.