Businesses—whether it’s a restaurant, retail store or healthcare facility—need a lot of things to get them up and running. Aside from the obvious walls, a roof, plumbing and lighting, there’s electrical outlets, telephones, and data capabilities for computers and internet, to name a few.

During the construction or renovation process, coordinating all these things can be overwhelming. It’s often made worse for project managers by the fact that the skilled workers who provide these services typically only specialize in one area. Even when it comes to electrical services, many vendors don’t offer both high and low voltage services, as wiring for an outlet and connections for telephones, for instance, differ vastly.

This can be difficult, as construction sites are a waterfall of tasks. Subcontractors sometimes can’t proceed with their work until other subcontractors complete the next step. General contractors have to schedule vendors around each other so there aren’t costly delays.

At CPT we help untangle the web. We offer a wide variety of services, including low voltage like cabling and security cameras. We also offer electrical services, like new outlets, new circuits and panels. This means our customers have one point of contact and can consolidate vendors.

Within our network, we manage both skills, coordinating internally and with the GC to get the job done. We also communicate with you, the client, to take it even further. With our entire suite of managed IT services, when your project reaches certain points, we can coordinate on the next steps for any technology deployments, making it seamless.

What does that mean for you?

You save time. With one point of contact, you don’t have to coordinate between two vendors who do things differently, or who are waiting on each other to complete work. CPT handles that coordination, meaning installation is done in half the time. We also know every facet of the project, so we can communicate on any issues, and you can make quick decisions that don’t delay the results.

You save money. Time is money, and when your project is completed on time, you stay on budget. One point of contact means you also save on labor costs with streamlined coordination.

You save on hassle. Best of all, you don’t have to be the go-between between two companies, handling every little issue. You cut back on meetings and boxes to check, and you get more with less headache.

With CPT, our goal is to truly be your all-in-one solution. We want to take tasks off your to-do list and make it possible for you to say, “I need this by this date,” and trust that it’s handled.

Got a project in mind? We’d love to help. Call 630-735-7000 or email and let us show you the power of an all-in-one solution.