The way people work – and how companies operate – is evolving. 

Heat Map Surveys

Retail workers can help customers anywhere in the store with mobile POS software. Nurses are able to track important patient data quickly and efficiently on tablets as they make their rounds. Salespeople are free to work anywhere in the office with just a laptop.

Business owners everywhere are discovering the benefits of a mobile workforce. But what do you do if your wireless signal is not strong enough to handle a mobile workforce? And what if your carrier is not the problem?

At CPT Network Solutions, we’ve recently had a number of clients seek us out because of this very issue. They want to make the switch to mobile, but connectivity issues are holding them back. Luckily, our business technology solutions company has the perfect fix – Heat map surveys.

What is a heat map survey? 

While there are several methods that could be used to complete a heat map survey, the underlying goal is to test the strength of signal throughout an area, taking into consideration structure, distance and device location.

Typically, a tech will visit your space, using a computer and specialized software to record coverage throughout the building. CPT then receives the data and uploads it to the floor plan you provide. Alternatively, CPT can complete a predictive heat map survey, in which we do not physically visit the location, but rather upload environmental parameters such as wall type and ceiling height to the provided floor plan to create a theoretical map of signal strength and ideal placement of access points.

But knowing where signal might be weak is only one part of the process. We also create a remediation plan to strengthen your signal.

This could involve swapping out devices, relocating existing devices, installing new devices or a combination of all three. We’ll walk you through the plan and complete the agreed scope. If you wish, we’ll even conduct a post-project survey to test and show how service has improved.

The results: Your business’ overall signal strength will be better, channel overlap will be minimized and throughput will improve. You won’t have to worry about moving between data jack locations in certain areas, allowing mobile stations to be used efficiently.

Connectivity issues = Productivity loss. Don’t let bad service slow your business down or hold you back from switching to a mobile workforce. Call CPT to set up a heat map survey for your business today!