In today’s digital world, having access to a reliable internet connection is crucial for every business. Whether your employees use the internet to ring up retail sales or you provide WiFi in your restaurant or hotel, you need a wireless system to keep both your employees and customers connected.

Tips for easy commercial wireless access point installationsAlthough setting up WiFi in your home can be quick and easy, when it comes to onsite business installations, there’s a lot more planning – and work – involved.

CPT Network Solutions, a technical project management company, is an expert in all things wireless. Our skilled team specializes in customized technology infrastructures and on-site trouble shooting. Over the years, we have installed thousands of wireless systems in businesses, so we are familiar with wireless access point installation best practices.

Here are three things to consider during wireless access point setups:

1. The layout and design of your building

When installing your wireless access point, you must always take the building environment and layout into account because they can affect connection. For example, if your building is made of concrete, there will be very little bleed through floors and walls. An open concept can present a whole different set of challenges. CPT has extensive experience working in all types of buildings, so we know exactly what’s needed for your office.

2. The longer the cable, the slower the speed

When setting up a WAP, you must keep cable lengths in mind. The longer your cable is, the slower the speed. The type of cable matters, too. Our knowledgeable team can plan for this—or our onsite technicians can troubleshoot—so your layout uses the shortest cable distances possible.

3. Internet speed limits the number of user devices

No matter how many WiFi units you have, the speed of your internet can limit how many user devices your wireless system can accommodate. CPT’s tech professionals can advise you on how to optimize your system speeds and ensure you can accommodate the number of devices you need.

In addition to our wireless access point installation services, CPT also offer access point staging. We can customize, configure, test and kit hardware to fit your business, saving you time and hassle.

If your business needs to install a wireless access point, don’t forget to keep these three pro-tips in mind. And remember, this is CPT Network Solutions’ area of expertise – contact us if you need professional help!