A common trend we’ve started to see in late 2020 and now in early 2021 is that many companies are struggling with their IT projects because of delays due to COVID-19. Some companies put projects on hold last year amidst the uncertainty, and now they’re struggling with a massive backlog. Others had a surge of demand because of the pandemic, and they’re still scrambling to catch up.

IT vendors that are providing you with Technical Project Management might have been adequate before, but now they’re struggling to meet your needs.

When your other IT vendors are stretched thin, bringing on a new vendor might be the last daunting task on your mind due to your organization’s own internal challenges. The job market leaving roles unfulfilled and teams shorthanded, every department catching up from the backlog, and increased initiatives all pile on more work. However, the last thing you need is your IT vendors dropping the ball on a project and needing to bring someone in last minute.

If you’re thinking about adding CPT Network Solutions to your vendor list, there’s never been a better time. CPT Network Solutions can help you get back on track in 2021 with our winning strategy that will meet your needs. Give us a trial run with a low-risk project and let us show you the CPT difference. We offer:

  • Break/Fix 24/7/365 services with four-hour emergency response
  • Legacy phone system support
  • Staging and maintenance contracts
  • Voice, data, and video installation
  • POS system installation
  • WiFi/Access point installation
  • High voltage projects and break/fix support

We can help you chip away at your COVID backlog with added firepower and a vendor you can depend on for years to come.

The pandemic backlog won’t last forever. Just like the rest of the world, your company and your IT needs will adjust to the new normal. If used correctly, this time can help you refocus and come out better equipped to succeed in 2021.

Want to start a conversation? Give us a call at (630) 735-7022 or email sales@cptnetworks.com.