MDF/IDF closets

After opening your MDF or IDF closet, you find yourself staring down a mess of wires. You don’t even know where to start. Meanwhile, your network remains down, and work piles up.

CPT Network Solutions frequently works with senior living communities nationwide that are challenged with this very scenario.

Over the years, previous technicians executed quick fixes, doing what they could to get the network back up and save money in the short term. Sounds reasonable enough, but with no overarching strategy, each tech was left to make up his or her own system. That meant techs were neglecting the use of wire managers and using any length of patch cord they had on hand.

Because of this, onsite maintenance coordinators were understandably confused. MDF and IDF closets were a spaghetti mess, and daisy chained closets meant the entire network could go down. Onsite techs had to start from scratch every time, ultimately leading to longer downtimes and more costly repairs.

When we’ve encountered these situations, CPT has immediately gotten to work organizing and implementing a new, more efficient process. This has resulted in less onsite trips and fast fixes to keep communities up while working on the issue, and in some cases, fixes did not require a technician at all.

All of this means that CPT has not only been able to reduce cost for national senior living communities in the long run, but also decrease overall network downtime. It also means happier employees and residents.

Messy technology closets and systems happen, especially when businesses cannot rely on their IT vendor to be proactive. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize what these quick fixes are costing them.

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